WHat is a rodaRIDER?

RodaRiders are maverick individuals that we choose to officially ride our RodaSurf Board and represent the RodaSurf brand and lifestyle.   We are constantly looking for badasses; people who want more out of life and who know that self discipline and training are the only ways to achieve greatness.  

If you have experience surfing, one-wheeling, long-boarding or snowboarding we invite you to fill out the form to the right.   Make sure to give us a good answer to the question "why should you be a Roda Rider?".  We are looking for people with unique skills and talents that also have something interesting to say. 


Patrick Fagerberg is our Original Roda Rider; he is a fast and elegant rider with great control and style. 


Patrick was an attorney in Austin Texas, when a 400 pound camera crane fell on his head during SXSW 2011, shattering his brain and changing the course of his life forever.

After his accident, Patrick became what is considered a rare case of "acquired savant": someone who develops extraordinary abilities after a traumatic brain injury.  He is now an accomplished painter and inventor.

Steef is an accomplished visual artist and passionate snowboarder. She was born in Maastricht, in the South of the Netherlands, and now lives in Austin, Texas where her art studio is located and where she usually hosts exhibitions of her work. 


Steef likes to ride the RodaSurf board in an organic fashion; by enjoying each moment of every ride and adapting herself and the board to the path that unfolds in front of her.


Ender Martos is an award winning Venezuelan-American visual artist; his kinetic sculptures and paintings have been celebrated throughout the world.   

Ender is also a skater at heart and a snowboarding enthusiast.  He enjoys riding the RodaSurf board at high speeds, pushing it to its limits.


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